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VON FOLTA. Just a few sounds of this Singer & Songwriter reveal what a biography can only accomplish with many words. The music reflects where this artist found a home for nearly 25 years. Behind him is a life in the USA that has left its marks on him not only musically. The first chords and a voice that has been compared to David Bowie, John Lennon and Neil Young immediately take you on a ride down the sun-drenched streets of California.

An admiration for the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Otis Redding, Pink Floyd (among others) coupled with a musical education from the Counter Culture Jam Band Scene of the San Francisco Bay Area — inspired by legendary American jam bands like the Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers Band, make it not difficult to discover influences in the music of VON FOLTA. If you need to pigeonhole VON FOLTA, the category Americana / Soul / Blues might satisfy you.
What connects him with kindred souls, is the devotion to a music that finds its roots in the Delta Blues and American Folk Musik. Working together in the studio and on the stages of California (The Joint, Cat Club, Dragonfly, the Malibu Inn and the Mint - to name a few) he developed a sound that an exacting listener described with the following words:

“The artist meshed a host of musical influences and styles, paying distinct homage to the Beatles, Tom Petty, Led Zeppelin… and what resulted was a driving fusion of Rock, reinvented Psychedelia, Country licks and American Soul—a provocative sound that is distinctly VON FOLTA.”

In 1999, the road lead to Los Angeles where the music brought him together with Herman Matthews and Larry Kimpel, who have both played for a long list of well known artists such as Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morissette or Herbie Hancock, Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder. In 2011 they provided the rhythm section on VON FOLTA’s fourth album ‘Spacesuit’.
After the successful release of the album ‘natural one’ VON FOLTA is now finishing up work on his next release ’Tired of Being Well Behaved’ which can be expected this year.
Upon closer inspection, the unique character of each album becomes apparent, like getting a peek into the different chapters of someones Journal. A colorful array of songs, also featuring the autobiographical ‘Catacombs’, ‘Lady Sweet Dream’, ‘Moving Around’ and ‘Keep On Dancing’.

Should your curiosity be aroused, fear not! Let this voice take you on a journey through the life and thoughts of a free spirit. A Fan once commented: ”This music makes you feel like quitting your job and go experience life!” But you don’t have to quit your job to experience this Rock’n’Roll guerrilla and take some of that feeling with you!

VON FOLTA studied Fine Art / Illustration. Some of his artwork can be admired and scrutinised in the ART section of this website.

For more information please visit VON FOLTA on facebook and youtube or write to us.