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Von Folta. A few sounds of this Singer & Songwriter reveal what a biography can only manage with many words, and show you where this artist, for nearly a quarter century, found a home. Behind him is a life in the United States - and that has marked him not only musically. Listen to the first chord and immediately you ride with him down the sun-drenched streets of San Francisco or Los Angeles just after he lead you gently up the hill in the previous song.

Von Folta´s musical education was the Counter Culture Jam Band Scene in the San Francisco Bay Area, inspired by the likes of the Grateful Dead, the Allman Brothers Band and other influencial artists. With that comes his admiration for Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Eric Clapton, Tom Petty and JJ Cale, coupled with irrepressible joy and many talents. The latter eventually brought him to Los Angeles in 1999.
Here he worked with various musicians, including Herman Matthews and Larry Kimpel, who played for artists such as Sheryl Crow, Herbie Hancock, Tom Jones or Alanis Morissette, Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder and in 2011 provided the rhythm section on Von Folta´s album "Spacesuit".

What connected him and his colleagues, is the devotion to a music that finds its roots in the Delta Blues. Out of this journey developed a unique musical style. This, Von Folta followed with a dedicated and undeterred spirit. Simply because he had to. This power he lets you know in his songs.
On the one hand by its enigmatic lyrics but especially when he begins to sing. All his courage, the search, all defiance and lavishness, each passion and each arrival is in his voice. Here someone manages to really have his heart speak through his tongue and makes you realize: We are far from having reached the end. Everything is right on time. This presence he brings especially to his live performances.
His style he found on California´s stages: The Joint, Cat Club, Dragonfly, Malibu Inn and The Mint - to name a few - and during his concentrated work in the studio.

Presently Von Folta lives in Germany and is on the road. After the successful release of his CD "Natural One" (2014) he is now in the studio working on his next album "Keep On Dancing" due in Autumn 2016. Listen to some samples from the upcoming album in the MUSIC section.
As a trained Fine Art Painter Von Folta also creates visual art. Some of his expressive paintings and collages can be found following the ART link in the menu.